Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Shame on you, Jessica Friars!

How are you doing ? Sorry I didn't inform you about my traveling to London for a program, I'm presently in London and am having some little difficulties here because i misplaced my wallet on my way to the hotel where my money,and other valuable things were kept.I will like you to assist me with a soft loan urgently with the sum of (970GBP) to sort-out my hotel bills and to get me back home. I will appreciate whatever you can afford to assist me with, I'll Refund the money back to you as soon as i return,let me know if you can be of any help?
(Jessica Friars, supposedly)

Note from Freyashawk: I don't know this person, obviously. It's another internet scam, appealing to my soft-hearted nature. The fact that I have less money than SHE or HE does is irrelevant to this individual. Selfish, selfish to the core, devoid of honour and human compassion... people like this think only of themselves and feel clever if they manage to defraud some one else. At least she or he didn't compound the fraud by addressing me as a 'dear friend'... And what on earth is a 'soft loan'???